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Mentor Marie Poulin is a master of digital strategy and knows how to turn your website into a converting machine!

Questions Marie Answered

0:31 Juls Arthur: Marie, I have a question about the upside down Home Page…if you have ever heard of this? I listened to a webinar that said it converts much better, and example was Michael Hyatt’s Home page. I did see how putting nav bar at bottom of page could make the page almost like an inviting opt-in with less distraction.

0:33 Lynn: I am working on a homepage that converts I want to make sales and haven’t yet from my website, I’d love any advice for my homepage to be more engaging

0:34 Amanda: I have two very different target markets and are finding it quite challenging to present them both on my website without it being complicated and messy and information overload. One is for people seeking reiki treatments the other is for Reiki Trainings and suppoer for practitioners. Both are still linked to Reiki.

0:37 Meegan: do you recommend dating your blog posts?

0:39 Malini – are these landing pages are ‘extra’ to the main website then, sort of in the background? can we do landing pages in WordPress or do we need a plug in?

0:40 Virginia – what’s your opinion on how long a blog post should be and how often to post – weekly?  monthly?

0:42 Mary W – If I’m not ready to release my free opt-in, should I wait to set up list building via ConvertKit?  Or should I try asking visitors to submit their email address and then release my freebie in another month?  OR… do you think a thing of “value” can be something different?  I don’t want to realize I’ve lost out on a ton of leads by not implementing some list building sooner rather than later.

0:43 Jackie – How do you suggest showcasing testimonials when you are working with private matters and clients who are happy to give feedback, just not accompanied by photos or websites, etc.

0:44 Virginia – Is belonging to Better Business Bureau (or other org) worthwhile these days for a start-up that doesn’t have social proof built up?

0:46 Amanda Freeman – would you expect a designer to be able to guide you on strategy or should you consult an online strategist before even  updating your site.

0:47 Suzanne P – At the moment I have widgets in my sidebar for all 4 of my coaching options. Would you recommend that I have one widget for coaching that then leads to a page which lists the options with a “Read More” button for each one that then leads to individual sales pages?

0:50 Amy W – Can we talk about having the blog being the home page vs a work with me or About page or any other page?  Seems like EVERYONE has their blog on the home page (for serviced based businesses).

0:52 Angela T – What would you suggest putting on a site that offers multiple things? I know that you suggested having one call to action per page, but should you make it obvious somehow that your site will offer many things, or should you leave it as it?

0:54 Kylie P – Is having a moving header slider that rotates a couple of messages a great idea? I think I have 2 calls to action slides and the others are identifying the pain points so they know they are in the right place to find a solution. Especially with the fact that so many people use mobile devices.

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